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Package price:
  • Liposuction Package price for abdomen and waist is 100,000 THB.
  • Liposuction Package price for back and hips is 100,000 THB.
  • Liposuction Package price for thighs and buttocks is 120,000 THB.

We would recommend you to have time on Samui at least 7-9 days
for recovery and follow up.
The package includes:
  • Doctor counseling, surgeon fees, anesthesiologist fees (pre and post operation)
  • Operating room charges (operation room, recovery room, scrub & circulating nurse)
  • Accommodation for 1 night in the hospital including : room and nursing service charges, regular menu food charges
  • Medical equipment and medical supplies necessary for the procedure
  • Anesthesia (pre-anesthetics drugs, general anesthesia)
  • OMedications (routine medication used for procedure and during admission only)
  • Take home medications and supplies
  • Follow up and stich off
The Package Does Not Include:
Laboratory Testing, Chest X-ray and Electro Cardiogram (EKG) are not included in the package price.
Terms & Conditions:
In case of any complication occurs the price might be changed from the package price.

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