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Hotel Call Services


The need for medical attention may strike anywhere, anytime and to anyone, even to holidaymakers. We are able to provide medical care to tourists in the comfort of their hotel rooms by our hotel & house call team comprising of a doctor, a nurse and an orderly. For minor illness, treatment is provided at the hotel premises itself. For a more serious illness needing hospitalization we immediately transfer the patient to the hospital. Bangkok Hospital Samui is the preferred healthcare provider for all the major hotels and resorts on Koh Samui.

Our team of emergency care will come to take care in the event of emergencies or sickness
of you at your hotel for your convenience. No need to get out of bed or make a trip to the hospital.

Service fee
8 am. – 5 pm. 7,500 THB
5 pm. – 8 am. 9,500 THB

Includes :
Doctor's visit , Nursing assistant, Ambulance service, Medicine and also Medical Certificate
(for insurance purposes)

* Credit Card or Cash payment are accepted.
* If the patient needs to be brought to the hospital for further investigation and treatments, the hotel call package will be added in with the hospital charges.

Hours of Operation

24 Hr. Everyday

Location :Emergency Department

Contact us : +66 (0) 7742 9500
Email :

Medical Consultation: